COVID-19 the de-escalation of lockdown rules

Spanish government announces plans to ease COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Spain’s government has announced plans to ease its coronavirus lockdown measures as Monday’s death toll dropped under 400, the lowest since 22 March.

While Spain has been one of the worst countries affected by coronavirus outbreak, with around 200,210 officially registered cases and 20,800 deaths, Spain’s daily death rate has been declining.

Spain has one of the strictest confinement measures in Europe with adults only allowed to leave their homes individually to buy food or medicine, travel to work or walk their dogs.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced over the weekend that restrictions would be relaxed and children would be allowed to go outside with their parents from 27 April.

The new introduced four phase plan does not contain exact dates for the reopening of businesses, bars, hotels and restaurants – and the deescalation measures will depend on the on-going progress across the different regions of Spain to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The overall plan of Sánchez is that the deescalation to ‘a new normality’ will commence on Monday 4 May and last eight weeks, until the end of June.


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