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Golden Visa Application | Sun Lawyers Costa Blanca, Spain


Golden Visa Application: Sun Lawyers is hosting a webinar on 17th November at 10:30 GMT about the Golden Visa. Mark McMillan who is Sun Lawyers Head of Visas and Relocation will be sharing his knowledge on this visa product and his experience of helping clients to make successful applications. Mark will be joined by Liz Rowlinson from A Place in the Sun who will be putting questions to Mark that the audience has asked. There is no charge to attend the webinar, but you need to register to get the Zoom webinar link. Click


A €500,000 investment made in Spanish property can secure a Golden Visa also known as an Investor Residence Permit. For British citizens with the financial means, this may prove the most effective means of accessing Spain and the Schengen area on terms that they would recognise prior to Brexit.

A Golden Visa Application can be made at a Spanish Consulate in your country of origin where a 1-year visa will be issued. Or, apply in Spain (British citizens must not overstay their 90-day limit if choosing this path) where a 3-year residence permit is granted.

The benefit extends to your spouse/civil partner and other family members (with conditions) who like you will enjoy the same full rights to live and work in Spain and have total freedom of movement within the Schengen area.

There is some debate, although evidence as yet that the long-term future of the Golden Visa may be in question. So the webinar is happening at an opportune time for anyone who is weighing up whether to go ahead or not. Our webinar will take you through
• Meeting the application criteria
• One property investment or several
• Other investment types other than property that can also be made to achieve the same aim
• How long do you need to spend in Spain each year
• Residency -v- non-residency for tax purposes
• Permit renewals

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Golden Visa Application | Sun Lawyers Costa Blanca, Spain

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