RAILWAY line works between Dénia and Calpe will start in November and should be finished by the end of 2017, although the full revamp will not be complete for another two years after that, says the regional transport board.
A braking system will be fitted to the track along this stretch so that slowing down and stopping is not 100% in the hands – or feet – of the driver, preventing potentially fatal crashes if he becomes distracted or indisposed.

RAIL users  will continue to use local busses until the works have been completed .Regional transport minister María José Salvador has teamed up with mayors from the Marina Alta (Alicante province) and La Safor (Valencia province) to wage war on the PP-run central government after it informed them in writing that there were no ‘economic or social grounds’ for the Valencia-Alicante link to be built.
For over 40 years, mayors have been fighting for the track linking Gandia (La Safor) to Dénia (Marina Alta) through Oliva to be reinstated, providing an unbroken link between the two largest provincial capital cities in the region via the coast.
This is only the start of what the region, which relies mostly on tourism for its income, needs in terms of basic public transport.



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